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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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i don't know how it looks outside of your windupedo but it keeps coming down. especially south of the ohio river. continues tamake its way to the tri-state tonight. good evening. >> after days of preparation we're right in the middle of it. getting anywhere from a few inches up to a foot of snow. >> crews all over the tri-state tonight. let's start with steve. >> hi. we are talking about still a situation where it could deteriorate in many parts of the tri-state. right now it's 26
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in the -- up in the metro parts of butler county. now we're looking at the camera in (inaudible) and you can see snow has come down and fallen on the roads. so we looked at it 20 minutes ago. nothing on the ground. now you see plenty on the ground. downtown cincinnati, northern kentucky camera, a little bit of reduced visibility and light snow shower activity becomes -- begins to come down around the tri-state. we're talking again about the snow continuing. not in big amounts around the immediate tri-state. but around here the winter weather advisories in effect. looking at much snow -- as far as depth go but could cause slick spots and so that is what we are looking at. looking at the possibility for a few slick spots. radar, notice as we zoom in on radar you can
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beginning to redevelop as the model said. we're still thinking not much when you get to the northwest. we're thinking of an inch or less around most of the metro. south and east towards anderson township across northern kentucky, an inch or 2. and heavier amounts down to the south and east. so again what we have done for 10 days is talked about these bands being able to move one way or the other depending upon the storm track and right now it's looking like the final shift is to the south and east. we still have snow coming down. again it's not going to be the amount but another night with some slippery driving because the temperatures staying well below freezing. denise has the latest. >> reporter: you made a good points. thursday we had more accidents than wednesday. because of the icy conditions. tomorrow morning could be a
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now if you're heading out, 71, 75, right around richwood. it's mostly just wet. south of that town around (inaudible) seeing more snow on the interstate. as far as earlier today we did dodge a bullet. this is right around 75. south. down just north of london and in that area. so they had a lot of snow. we got really lucky. right now at least we have good news. this is the 275 loop. everybody on -- right up around 75 and into 75 we have -- 175 to 275 in kentucky. the roads are looking good. 71 and even 74. not seeing any problems. again taking it easy tomorrow morning and overnight tonight if you're out traveling because of the road conditions.
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mind. we have our storm tracker app. it really just depends on where you are. >> ben is out for hours driving all over the place. you were down by dry ridge where the roads were not in good shape. where are you now? it looks kinds of wet. >> reporter: we're in florence. right now inside the 275 loop. things are very wet here in florence but the snow is falling rapidly here just not so much weighing on the highway yet. but crews have been out nonstop. i think to the flashing lights and the oncoming lane over there. thaes a sem a iam -- that's a semi actually. they look the same. it's wet out here. and the roads you can tell have been salted. i need to keep cleaning my windshield. so they continue to treat the roads. the roads in this part of northern countticy. the northern -- kentucky. the northern most part. you'll
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you need to go. going south of here, i'd reconsider the trip. you saw it earlier. way worse down there. moving north not so bad. i heard steve say that of course we're still in for snow up this way. so don't get too excited yet. but again things are not so bad. they're wet up here. the snow does continue to fall. so guys i'll send it back to you. thanks. fox 19 is in maysville. >> how are things looking now? >> reporter: the storm crews have been working all day. trucks coming in and out. maysville and the surrounding yais under a -- areas under a level 2 emergency. and about 3
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that means that motorists should use extreme caution on the roads. lot of the businesses are usually open this time of night. a lot of those bgzs are -- businesses are now closed for the evening. and some of them didn't even open at all today. we are on the way up to talk to mayor david who we spoke to earlier and he is going to tell us how the city is doing and what they expect for tomorrow morning. >> reporter: all right. thanks you. when we get severe weather we want to see pictures from your neighborhood. >> let's take a look at some of the ones we have gotten today. we have literally received hundreds. like this one in aurora, indiana. >> and this is state route 74. i showed you that over the roadways there. >> and i have to tell you some
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people with like -- zucchinis or speedos out on the snow. i keep -- i'm trying to talk horsemyer into taking one for the team. >> it was the chicken coop and here is 8-year-old zane in winchester. qua yeah. >> cute. we'd love to see those white legs in the snow. >> upload those to our weather app. we made it easy. text snow to 4119119. -- 41919. coming up next, more coverage around the tri-state. that's next. and of course steven is tracking the weather for us. >> reporter: this just in, they dropped boone, kenton, campbell, carroll from the winter storm warning. they're under a winter
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looking live at snow falling in clermont county. we'll have the latest on that in a moment. first let's head back outside for a moment. north korea announcing that a university of virginia college student is fou under arrest for alleged anti-state acts. >> he was detained on january 2 in chunyang. he entered north korea on a tourist viz sa and is accused of carrying out a hostile act and allegedly
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system and has links to the u.s. government. schools released a statement saying they're in touch with the family. a man faces two counts of murder after this new years crash that left two people dead. mark huckman was arrested in connection to the crash that killed ella and david mcmay. according to police his blood alcohol level after the crash was nearly three times the legal limit and he tested positive for
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snow is falling. we were south of (inaudible). we actually saw snow on i-75. >> done near the dry ridge area. it was actually measurable snow on the roads. >> another look at dry ridge. and see how everything is shaping off as fox 19 continues
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and a live look from the fox 19 storm tracker. fox 19's ben has been driving around all day checking out the roads for us. we'll take a look there. >> reporter: he is headed down to down toup area. you can see the convention center there. >> that's what it looks like in our neck of the woods. not bad at all. one of the areas
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>> michael has more. it looks like the snow is coming down sideways in dry ridge. >> reporter: you know, it's cacktually not too bad as i'm standing out here. you don't see lot of it hitting my face. and one thing is not that great, that's the visibility. but the snow it slself doesn't -- itself doesn't seem like there is a lot. it's real light stuff. if you have to go outside or shovel snow to get the car out depending on where you are, it's not too bad. the darkness has set in. you see the lights going by. the cars whizzing by. and done a really good job taking care of the highway. you can see really well. you can also see the roads -- seeing some of the plow trucks going by. and really has not had any problems whatsoever. once again the grand county sheriff's
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calling 911. folks are calling them to get road conditions. there are other avenues to check to get those. don't be tying up 911. that is basically just for emergencies. that's real the story out here. back to you in studio. >> reporter: sorry you drew the short straw. moving pretty well behind him. it's a better story if you're driving versus flying. >> exactly. there are a lot of cancellations. a lot of delays as franky will tell you. because he is live at cbg sfz seeing a lot of red on the board and lot of cancellations because of bad snow. new york, la guardia, the flights from newark same situation. philadelphia same situation. a flight out of here tonight at 7:00 toronto that is canceled. but there's
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6:30 that is bun to watch. -- one to watch. washington, d.c. tonight and tomorrow morning. charlotte, same situation for departures and same situation for arrivals. those two have been canceled. just to mention, nashville, memphis, same situation. philadelphia and raleigh, toronto, washington, that's out of dulles. so see if any of those have changed. so here is the back with the roads between two storms. >> (laughing). >> that's right. must be nice. >> oh, yeah. >> we talked about the snow and you talk about east coast
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washington, d.c., philadelphia. my son is in downtown d.c. this is a live shot outside the door. a little bit of flurry activity. not much on the ground but a little bit can get there. >> little differentic looing over. -- looking over. you can see snow has covered the roads. the main street there on the camera shot. we looked at that 35 minutes ago. the roads were just wet. a little band of snow. it's not much. not much depth there. that's the problem. it's 24 degrees. the ground is cold. and when there's no traffic or treatment you'll ind up with an icy -- end up with an icy spot or two. boone, kenton, and carroll counties from the winter storm
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advisory. the purple county, still under the weather weather advisory. dropped trow kenton, carroll from the winter storm warning. you still see the precipitation trying to come back this way. we have a couple of bands of snow. there you see the one band there. peeking out just a little bit. we looked at it on several different radars. not as impressive on -- on -- one radar as it is on this composite picture. we have another band of light snow shower activity into clermont county. as we go through the night we'll see little bit of accumulation. inch or so in the metro. it's going to be a slippery inch. so not much going on for the northwest. still less than an inch to a good portion of the metro area. just basically north and west of
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inch or two. two to five. still five to seven towards maysville. and the southern part of lewis county still 7 to 10 inches possible. 2 to 4 inches from georgetown to hills burrow to west union. willowsburg. and everybody else a little less than that. so the accumulations really haven't come up to where we were expecting and again watch this. model continues a little bit of snow across the metro. evening hours, begins to break up. and then it begins to slide off to the south and east. not completely out of the woods until dawn tomorrow morning. there won't be much more accumulation. more of a
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tonight. clearing in the forecasts tomorrow. partly cloudy for sunday. the low 15. may even be colder than that. there might be single digit low temperatures in rural areas. 35 on sunday. 23 and 38 for monday. chance of shower or flurry activity with a high of 34. 32 degrees on wednesday. 37 and 40s for thursday and friday. of course you can always track this using the weather now app. it's a great 3-d app. it's got live radar and everything you need. it's a weather center in the palm of your hand. now we go to denise. waeb been watching -- we've been watching it all day. there's the snow coming down pretty heavy. looks good on 75. so 71, 75. has not been an issue. tomorrow morning we need to watch the on ramp, off ramp.
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have slick spots. 275 on state route 32. not a whole lot going on. 71 there again. so the interstate and all around the tri-state all day looking pretty good. right around the borderer of kentucky, that's a different story. >> nobody is there. >> no. if there's a restaurant that's hard to get a reservation, go tonight >> or go home if you're a server. you're not going to make any money. we're taking another look at conditions across the
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outside it's game on on campus this weekend for both xavier and also across town at uc. look, no problems flying in for the team xavier is playing on saturday because they left on thursday to stay ahead of the
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the east coast. this game is no gimme for xavier. remember they nearly beat number 4 vil nolea this week -- vil nova this week. >> and providence. so we have a very good team coming in. we don't think negatively about how to stop the front. we try to figure out what to do to win the game and play like it. >> reporter: okay. it's snowing and it's coming in sideways here. but we have found high school basketball that is being played on a snowy night in the tri-state. more coming up at 10:00. just a reminder with the winter storm continuing to move into tri-state we're going to bring you the latest here on air from now until 10:00. we'll not be interrupting any programming. so you're fine. you can find updates on the fox 19 weather app. we'll be updating snowfall
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more. (laughing). >> yes we are. get you prepared. a live shot of 75 which is north of town. the snow looks pretty impressive. >> a few bands coming down. not going to accumulate so much but skim the ground. >> we have your back. stay with us. we hope you have a safe night. see you pretty much every hour on the hour and again
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